Our Fundamental Vision

To teach our kids how to run our country with common sense and realism, before it’s time for them to run the country. If we don’t, someone else will run this country nation and the experiment of government by, for, and of the people will have failed.

This site is a living thing, like the nation, which is its subject. Some things on this site are working fine, and some are still beginning, some are still and being Worked.

We start with no apologies, devoted to the country that declared war on the curse that the world thought eternal:

“You and yours will never rise. You are a serf, you will always be serfs and our heel will always be on your neck.”

Until America said, "Wait a minute. If you can get here, if you are strong and lucky willing to work and can take what life throws at you, you might rise.”

That is the most important political message in the history of civilization. The whole world heard it. That is why they came here, why they come here and why they will always come here. America is a miracle, and only Americans don’t know that anymore, because we don't teach it.

The country doesn’t happen by itself.. It takes patience, respect, and creativity. We’ve abandoned that for too long, and its time to get serious about learning to understand and maintain this nation, or it will continue this inescapable decay.

The story of making and keeping America is the most nobleof stories. Let's start telling our story with candor and honesty to ourselves again. Who we are and why we are who we are, will go far to regain our devotion to the true gifts we have given mankind.

We are a rare light in an overwhelming darkness of cruelty and oppression. The only ones who can beat us, is us. The only ones who can teach us, is us.